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The relationship between Jordan brand and Paris, a city full of artistic charm, has become stronger and stronger. During this decade, the cooperation between the two has never stopped. In 2019, Michael Jordan personally led Westbrook, Anthony and other signed stars to Paris to participate in the event. Deciphering China’s Dior and Jordan “Dior x Air Jordan” romance, the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection has proven its staying power since its 2017 release — now resold for up to three times its retail price — but Dior x Louis Vuitton has proven its staying power since its 2017 release. The Air Jordan story is still being written.
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Summer is here, and domestic brands have launched slippers and sneakers, which are quite popular. Nike finally made a move. Jordan made a pair of sneakers, which are very interesting in appearance and gameplay. His name is Air Jordan Clog, with a low-top shape, the outer layer is a foamed shell, and there is an inner boot design. Strictly speaking, this pair of shoes is not a sneaker. There are too few openings on the upper. There are only a few openings at the toe and a slot at the heel. The breathability may not be very good. The shoes have the design of inner boots and can be taken out, that is to say, there are three ways to wear the shoes, one is combined together, the other is to wear the inner boots alone, and the other is to wear the outer shell alone. There are three different ways to wear them. feeling. The midsole of the shoes is still relatively thick, and the shape is quite handsome. Jordan’s classic crackle elements are added to the inner boots. The gray inner boots are matched with the beige shell. The overall appearance is not bad, and the shoe shape is very good. , is also relatively simple, very handsome shoes, but when Brother Gou sees these shoes, he always feels that his inner boots are like yeezy 350, and the outer shell is like yeezy hole shoes. I wonder if everyone will feel this way?
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